Security Measures

The following are the basic distribution services that we offer. We offer customized services upon request.

  • Surveillance Cameras 24/7
  • Motion Detectors
  • Door Contacts
  • Comprehensive Fire Sprinkler System
  • 24 Hour Remote User Access System

GTI provides 100% customer satisfaction policy.

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Services GTI Offers

The following are the basic distribution services that GTI offers:

  • Container Stripping
  • Merchandise Segregation
  • Freight In Freight Out
  • Freight Storage
  • Value-added Services
  • UPS / FedEx Handling

Receiving and Shipping Products

GTI's Warehouse verifies that what has been received is accurately placed into inventory and that what is picked up accurately matches with release order. Reports are immediately generated and available to customers.

Value-added Services

As all companies are seeking ways to reduce overall costs through increased distribution efficiencies, whether it is to help save your company time and money or to be in compliance with major retail chains, GTI has the experience to meet your company's needs.

Pick and Pack

GTI has the ability to manipulate and repackage goods according to your specifications and your customer's.


GTI is here to ensure that you receive no charge backs due to ticketing.

Labeling and Barcoding

Trouble meeting the demands of a complex routing guide?

GTI's operational team has the manpower to keep up with changing technologies, formats, and compliance issues. Barcodes are generated based on your customized needs.


Spending excess labor costs on assembling your final product? Utilize GTI's kitting ability to lower your overhead costs, control your quality, and ensure accurate inventory.

Trucking Company

Drayage to and from the port or delivery merchandise across the country doesn't have to be costly. GTI's associated independent trucking line will be sure to provide you excellence service at a reasonable price.

Inventory Management

Take control of your inventory and monitor your inventory 24-7 online. GTI gives you the ability to maintain inventory from one computer.

Quality Control

You are no longer have to deal with mistakes, defects, or handling damage. GTI will prepare a customized, detailed quality control program to meet your needs.

Straight Transload

Covers a steamship ocean container cargo into a domestic equipment reconsolidation.


Covers varies cargo by case count, item, style, and color into domestic trailer(s). The cargo is reconsolidated from one or more ocean shipments into one or more domestic trailers.